Bāno (n.) grand lady, princess, queen

Bano (v.) to become


Bold Bāno was conceived with a little fire in the belly, some courage in the heart, and a ululating call to bring together like-minded humans to create rebellious, bold and invigorating content.

What we can do for you

Need a fully ready audio product from scratch? We got you! We’ll take charge of your precious brand product, right from concept, planning, execution, direction, sound design all the way until YOUR product is fully ready! Keeping your goals and visions in mind, obviously!

With us you’ll have great scripted and unscripted audio content, including podcasts, audiobooks, radio commercials, promos, online tutorials, e-learning, explainers, documentaries, and corporate films. Oh and did we mention they’ll all come with absolute boss level voice overs?

To put it mildly, we really are your party stop for everything audio!

It's rare to find a confident director and an organised producer like Shoa.
-Rasika Dugal, actor

Being directed by Shoa was a delight. She’s funny and warm and most importantly knows what she wants. Her conviction made my work a joy.
- Sikandar Kher, actor

In our business you either find a talented person or a person who is fun to work with. You almost never find people who are both. Shoa is example of that very rare breed of people.
- Akshay Oberoi, actor

Shoa’s effervescent energy infused our project with light and love - I cannot thank her enough for her expert contribution!
- Tim Cole, producer

Every time I've worked with Shoa it's been so easy and professional from the start to the end. She's so hands on as a producer and director be it for any Audio project that we've worked on. She's amazing at what she does and I for one as an artist look forward to her calls asking me to work with her on something new again.❤️😊
-Suchitra Pillai, actor

You can tell Shoa makes an excellent leader when you work with her, because everyone's having fun, treating each other with respect and getting stuff done, especially in the middle of a pandemic! I dubbed for my first audio project with her and even though there were a lot of challenges as we were in middle of the 2nd wave and lockdown, she made sure we were all comfortable and had all the help we required during those long recording hours and the day would become fun. I actually miss working with the team!
- Anupriya Goenka, actor

There's such a warmth about Shoa, and it's why people keep coming back to work with her. From making sure we took breaks and ate on time, to managing the schedule like a hawk, she's always on top of things. Shoa invests herself in people, and that's where the magic lies, because you know you'll be taken care of.
- Smriti Kalra, actor

When Shoa is in charge of your production, you know that people are taken care of, things are happening according to plan, and on top of everything, she's also planning the best wrap party!
- Rakesh Mehra, Producer

Shoa is one of the most easy going producers I’ve ever worked with. Thanks to her care & support I was able to optimise my creativity and produce some great content with her.
-Riddhi Dave, actor

Shoa is a powerhouse of talent, skill, precise execution and commitment! Rarely do you come across someone who has so much fire in them that they can warm up the entire surrounding!
-Ninad Nayampally, key grip

Shoa is a very dependable producer. She really enjoys her work and it shows in how she goes about it - with great care and attention to detail, to the process and to the people involved. Because she has worked across film and audio productions, she understands the creative process well and is able to facilitate a work environment which is nourishing for the team.
-Faiza Ahmad Khan, documentary filmmaker

"On the sets of Qissa , Shoa was not just a team player but someone who cared to solve the problem and be a part of the solution."
-Tillotama Shome, actor

Working with Shoa was like a walk in the park and it didn't feel like we were working at all, I felt so welcomed into the team and felt so at home as if I had known her for years. It’s surely been one enriching experience.
-Rithvik Dhanjani, actor

Shoa confidently took the reins for the production of my audiobook and after many intense days together in the studio, I can honestly say, I’ve rarely worked with anyone like Shoa: organised, efficient, supremely empathetic and loads of fun. Shoa has a gift: she delivers on time and makes the ride memorable.
-Lisa Ray, actor and writer

The Reel of Magical Voices

Shoa's Film Work - Radio Mic Technician, Assistant Director, Production Coordinator

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Founder & Archer

Shoa Hussain has been prancing around the film and audio world for the past 15 years. It's been quite a ride. She has spent the last five years producing and directing some of the most interesting podcasts and audio content. Before this, she has done everything from shooting documentaries on luxury trains, to mic-ing super talented actors, and doing all things production on amazing film sets. This Bold Bāno, is ready to conquer some more, with this queendom, bringing fun and interesting podcasts to the listening world, and creating a magical space for humans to tell their stories.

Chief Captain

Zehra Panjetan is the kinda person who would study a day before the exams and score 90%. The kinda person we'd all want on a team! At Bold Bāno, she is in charge of all the logistics, from scheduling, to excel sheets, talent management, and bookings. She brings in her creativity while handling our social media and script and audio quality check. Always making sure we're sailing smoothly, she's our captain on this ship of dreams! Zehra also happens to know every word and dance step to every Bollywood song ever!

And we never miss an opportunity to celebrate the people we work with!

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